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Best College Student Housing | Regent University

College Students Apartments - Boardwalk Realty gives you 2 options for leasing one of our great apartments. To see options please visit our site boardwalkrealty.org

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Best short term housing norfolk Virgina Beach | Boardwalkrealty.org

We are providing the short term corporate apartments which are fully furnished & professionally decorated. We also provide the 1-bedroom apartment, 2-bedroom apartment, Cable/Internet Service.  For more details call us (757) 583-8808

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Short term apartment rentals Norfolk VA | Poseidon short term housing

Boardwalk Realty & Development offers the best and newly renovated short term housing and apartments located at Ocean View Ave, Norfolk. The apartment has a private beach, the fishing, crabbing, clamming, sailing etc with shared property amenities.

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Best College Students apartments | Short term housing norfolk va

We provide the best fully furnished, short term rentals, corporate housing. All our properties are located in Norfolk, Ocean View. For more details, contact us at 757-583-8808 or visit the website.

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Best Rental Properties on Norfolk, VA | Boardwalkrealty.org

Boardwalk Realty offers short term apartment and housing in Ocean View Avenue, Norfolk, VA. View Properties - The Beach Cottage: located only 50-feet from the beach with a private walkway. For more details of all properties, contact us at 757-583-8808 

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Find Your New Place - Short term apartment rentals - Boardwalk Realty & Development

1) The best apartment: We have so many fabulous communities, like Neptunes Water, Fish Heads, Fish Tails starting at just $875 - $1,150 a month. Here at Boardwalk Realty, you have so many options! Blue Marlin Apartments is just one of our many fantastic communities by the bay. Enjoy amazing new bamboo wood floors, more windows for natural light, new kitchens with custom appliances, and so much more.


2) Great neighborhoods/A safe neighborhood: Individuals need to live where there's little or no crime. A safe neighborhood implies individuals will don't hesitate to walk around, be outside and communicate with their neighbors.

Enjoy your stay in our cozy & comfortable home. A quiet neighborhood for you and your family, Clintwood Drive: 1,800-square-foot single family home.


3) Price: Find apartments, homes and other local properties for rent in your area, compare prices and apartment amenities by neighborhood, city or state.


See price for some properties of Boardwalk Realty:


  • Blue Marlin: $900 (without washer/dryer) and $1000 (washer/dryer)
  • Beach House: $750(studios), $850-875 (1 Bedroom) & $900 (1 Bedroom with Beach Views)
  • Breezin: $1450 to $1,500
  • Neptune’s Water: $1,150
  • Fish Tails: $875 - $950 + $50 for washer/dryer


For more properties details, please check out our website and view rental rates, pet policies, fees, rental discount and more.


4) More apartment amenities: We offer upgraded appliances and other amenities (interior hallways, elevated deck, laundry room) into the unit.

Washer/dryer is available in many of the apartments.


FISHERMANS COVE - These property Amenities include a gated private courtyard with salt treated decking, laundry room, and all units have semi-private patios.


Neptune’s Water - Newest Apartment Community These are our largest 2-bedroom/1bath garden apartments and are packed with amenities.


Thalassa - Apartment amenities include crown molding, wood floors, washer/dryer, dishwasher, dining area with a bar, large living area, large bedroom, and a private porch.


5) Pets: Pet is like a family member and we accept dogs, fishes, cats, and rabbits. Not every landlord provide renting with pets...


At Boardwalk Realty, we permit our tenants to have pets with a rent surcharge of $25 per month and no deposits for Fish.

Boardwalk Realty & Development is open Business in Monday-Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, and Saturday showing by Appointment at 11:00 am to 03:00 pm. You can contact us at (757) 583-8808 and mail us at brdwlkrlty@aol.com

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Boardwalk Realty provides the housing property services for the Retiree person, College Students, Sailer, Coast Guard, Navy, and Military person with the affordable price. Visit our site https://boardwalkrealty.org/

Best Virgnia Beach Rental Properties | Boardwalkrealty.org

Boardwalkrealty offers the best Virginia beach properties feature include granite countertops, stainless steel appliance, laundry, custom tile work, and multiple covered verandas. For more details of all properties, contact us at 757-583-8808.


Source: http://boardwalkrealty.org/property?Thalassa